Department dedicated to the development, integration and implementation of different technologies for non-invasive measurement in real time.


Our R&D department was formally opened in 2007, as a leverage of our development and innovation policies which Hitec was implementing throughout the years, since its foundation more than 20 years ago. From the very beginning, R&D area had been focused to basic and applied research of a diverse set of topcs related to industry. It had been done through advanced technology instruments and actively building strong relationships with leading research institutions in industry and academia.

Nowadays, R&D department is mainly focused in development and deployment of different types of technologies related to non invasive in line real time measurements.


R&D works oriented keeping in mind the following mission:

  • Desing new products to solve our customer needs.
  • Develop innovative technical competencies to improve current control and measurement methods within productive processes quality parameters.
  • Active collaboration in between departments to deploy tools which offer best solutions to our customer concerns.
  • Foster knowledge and technology transfer through building strong relationships with other companies and academic institutions.

Primary Research Topics

  • VIS/NIR Spectrometry: In Line and On Line variable measurements such as moisture, proteins, particle size, fat, and many others.
  • Turbidimetry: On Line and In Line variable measurements such as solids, API content uniformity, and many others.
  • Ozone: On Line and In Line measurements of dissolved ozone in gas and liquid states in the context of UPW (Ultra Pure Water) and Water Wastewater.
  • Process simulations: Software development for process simulations abroad different industries such as Pharma, BioTec, Wastewater and many others.

International Published Papers

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  • Cristian R. Muzzio, Martín A. Tomé, Rodolfo J. Díaz, Germán C.Fernández Otero, Pablo C. Campiutti, Héctor L. Cuevas, Nicolás G. Dini.  In-line non-invasive turbidimetry as a tool to ensure content uniformity in the betamethasone filling process. 2015. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, In Press /