These services are performed with the presence of a qualified and trained technician abroad to perform the necessary tasks at the client’s facilities. Depending on the case, the contracts include the following tasks:

  • Periodic review of the different control points, based on a specially established Check List.
  • Replacement of consumables with the recommended frequency UV lamps, Seals and O-rings in electrode holders, Membranes and electrolytes in electrochemical sensors, cleaning and / or replacement of filters, etc.
    Adjustment of the measuring instruments involved.
  • Periodically, Back Up of data and configurations, update of software versions, file defragmentation, database integrity analysis, etc.
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Condition monitoringX
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What is it about?

The preventive and corrective maintenance service is intended for the conservation of equipment and facilities by means of the preventive review of the systems and carrying out tasks that guarantee their good operation and reliability, avoiding the costs that could lead to them stopping unexpectedly. Our maintenance plans are adjusted to different needs, and may include a fixed number of hours per year, or monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annual preventive visits. Corrective visits are included in the subscription, depending on the case.


  • Advanced diagnostic tools.
  • Process advice.
  • Permanent training on the products.
  • Process simulation and analysis capacity in our R&D Department.
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