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Our Company

A track record of over 30 years of innovation and continuous improvement is our strongest endorsement.

Our Company

At Hitec, we offer solutions for measurement, process control and automation.
We focus on industrial instrument systems supply and integration, industrial automation and manufacturing processes.
Our greatest asset is our multidisciplinary team of professionals, who are trained and experienced in using modern and reliable technologies, and who work under the most demanding industry quality standards.
Our 30-year track record of innovation and continuous improvement is our best guarantee.
Since then, our name has become synonymous with technical excellence and exemplary customer service.

  • On-line sensors for measurement of physical, analytic, optical and microbiological magnitudes.
  • Process automation control and monitoring. Key Performance Indicators.
  • Product inspection, testing and traceability.
  • Metrological test procedures, calibration
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Equipment and process qualification
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Process analytics technology consulting
  • Technical training, tailored courses
  • Feasibility check, hardware selection
  • Specifications design, Basic & Detailed Engineering
  • Supplying, Building, Assembly, Commissioning, and After-Sales Services for Industrial Sensors, Instruments, Automation, Control, Monitoring, and Process Recording Systems based on PLCs, DCSs, SCADAs and HMIs
  • Our Mission
    We provide technological solutions that add value to productive processes, based on metrology, analysis, and control of their key performance parameters.

  • Our Vision
    We have the goal of having a leading team developing and knowledge management application to provide innovative solutions that produce a positive impact within society, faithful to our core values.

Customer Satisfaction:
Our highest priority. We listen to their voice and focus in solving their needs.

HITEC is well aware that our success is built on the talent and professional skills of our people. We carefully select our collaborators, provide them with opportunities for development, and strive to create a motivating work environment where the constant interaction between all members is truly valued and rewarded.

Ethics, Integrity, and Trust:
We are loyal to our company and conduct ourselves ethically in all business circumstances. We nurture positive and trustworthy relationships with our team members, clients, and suppliers, always valuing truth, common interest, and the establishment of long-term partnerships.

Innovation and continual improvement 
We embrace challenges, even when they appear complex, with a commitment to innovative solutions. At HITEC, good is never good enough. We are constantly seeking improvement in every aspect: professional, technical, scientific, and human. This is what enables our permanent growth.

Engagement and Cooperation
We approach our daily tasks with energy and a positive attitude. We are passionate about our work and take great pride in HITEC's achievements. As a team, we put the needs of the organization first.

We are partners of two top-level institutions recognized in our field:

  • SAFYBI: Asociación Argentina de Farmacia y Bioquímica Industrial
  • CADIAC: Cámara del Instrumental y Aparatos de Control

Corporate Social Responsibility: Since 2017 we actively collaborate with CONIN Foundation, an NGO dedicated to work against child malnutrition.

Hitec provides solutions that generate a positive impact valued by our customers and for society benefit.

We are a highly talented team. We work with excel professionalism. We are energetic and creative. We know industrial business and we have a high standard for quality.



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