Our Partners

Our Partners

Our commercial and technical activities are complementary to those of important companies which supply services and manufacture production equipment within Pharma industry.
We cooperate together developing solutions for tailored automation and tech services solutions and products.

Business Partners


Cronimo S.A. is an Argentinian company that since 1963 dedicates its activities to design and manufacture equipment for Pharma industry.
Its specialization is Solid Forms, integrating highest standards technology with craftsmanship quality, compliant with GMP guidelines.
Offers a complete product portfolio like fluid bed dryer and high-shear mixed granulators, cone mills and film coating systems.
Hitec works along Cronimo providing automation, control and log solutions, allowing these machines to compete and outstand in the international markets, where excellency and high performance is a must, always according to the last tendencies within Pharma industry.
Cronimo has rep offices all over Americas and certain EU and Asia regions.
Its Fluids division offers complete solutions for fluid handling challenges, including transfer, filling, filtration, etc., using peristaltic pumps, hoses, tubing, and sanitary fittings.
You can visit at www.cronimo.com

Blisternova S.A. / Neopackaging

An Argentinian company fully dedicated to manufacture Blister Machines, under Neo Packaging brand framed within highest quality standards required in Pharma industry. It also supplies Foods, Cosmetics & Personal Care industries.
Mainly driven by a customized professional consulting for sales, warranty repairs and aftersales. All products are manufacterd with highest quality components and at the same time taking care of ROI for customers.
Since 2005 is part of CRONIMO SA, and along with Hitec SRL, all dedicated to improve technology and share new markets worldwide.
It has rep offices covering all America South and Caribbean.
You can visit at www.neo-packaging.com

OEEasy is a Hitec startup company, associated with other ones, developing a hardware & software system to measure production lines overall efficiency; marketed under SaaS (Software as a Service) suscription.

It is based on a distributed wireless network of independent sensors that can be quickly installed and simply configured via web interface. Once installed, operators can configure tags and line parameters to use new data and start making useful decissions from any mobile device, or terminal computers, or even export to a spreadsheet.

You can visit at www.oeeasy.com

Hitec is actively collaborating with Aizon, a company located at Sillicon Valley en performing tests and Proof of Concepts with an innovative product which combines Big Data and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to supply simple solutions to analysis and control of complex needs within Pharma and Biotech industries. It covers all supply chain since Research & Development stages up to delivery to patients.

You can visit at https://www.aizon.ai/


Business partners


Control Systems, Process Monitor and Log based on PLCs, DCSs, HMIs and SCADAs